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Dr. Hollen Meyer, D.C.


Dr. Hollen Meyer has an unquestionable passion to serve the profession of Chiropractic above and beyond the ‘standard of care,’ as we know it today in healthcare.


Dr. Meyer received her doctorate from Parker University and as part of her post-doctorate education, she is certified from Bridgeport University in the following areas: Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, and Mastering the Thyroid.


Dr. Meyer has been in practice for just about a decade. She started her career as an apprentice for a few months and quickly knew she was destined for something ‘bigger.’ She started her own practice in Frisco, TX in 2008 with the intention to work with elite athletes via Chiropractic Care and A.R.T. She was lead in a different direction and ended up working with quite the opposite clientele! She developed a passion and a system for working with patients that needed Chiropractic Care and significant nutritional counseling. Dr. Meyer is uniquely skilled and experienced at addressing the underlying causes of physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances of the body; which are likely affected with patients experiencing chronic diseases. She continues to work with healthcare professionals of varying specialties on the difficult cases, and continues to serve the Chiropractic profession by mentoring other practitioners. She has been featured on CBS to expose why chronic diseases are on the rise at such epidemic proportions and how the Chiropractic profession can help them, especially when coupled with like-minded doctors of varying specialties.


She continues to follow her mission of healing the world naturally and exponentially! And is now doing that on a national level! She coaches and mentors other doctors in the practice of analyzing Wellness Blood Testing and designing a customized plan coupled with Chiropractic Care to heal the body naturally, often reversing chronic diseases.  She also teaches Christian-based Business Principles to business owners.

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